NOLA- New Orleans, LA

You all up in the Chocolate City, ya 'eard?

Welcome to The Big Easy.

Bienvenue en Louisiane !

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French quarter in New Orleans

Giveaway Update!

Hey followers! Remember when I told you I was commissioning another egglet from the amazing Fairies & Finds?  It’s a New Orleans Saints version! You guys are gonna love this lil guy when you see him, it’s coming along very nicely.

So, for this giveaway I’m thinking about doing something different. I’d hate to just give this special egglet away to someone that doesn’t even like the Saints, so I want to do a writing contest. An original story, a poem, song, memory,ect. I would also be open to drawings/ photos as well as long as it is New Orleans Saints related. I could pick some finalists and you guys could help decide the winner? 

The contest will be open to non-NOLA people, as long as you love our boys in Black & Gold!

So, please give me some feedback if y’all like this idea and we will go from there! 

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New Orleans | Sam Ballen

Creepy predator in Gonzales Louisiana


I utterly ruined my running time today because I was stopping to warn parents with children and women jogging about Captain Rapeface. (he solicited me to get in his car a few months ago). Since calling the cops and even stopping to talk to one that was parked a while ago won’t do it, maybe this…

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Don’t make Drew Brees angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.
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Not a problem.
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Street sign near Baptist Hospital 1937
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Baseball in the Superdome - 1970s