NOLA- New Orleans, LA

You all up in the Chocolate City, ya 'eard?

Welcome to The Big Easy.

Bienvenue en Louisiane !

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If you find yourself in New Orleans and the smell of wafting grey smoke overtakes you: hickory, pecan or apple wood or mesquite — by all means stop, pull over, grab a seat and order and chow down. Barbecue is a national obsession, and in New Orleans that means we sometimes put our own spin on the many regional variations. Check out our top five favorite places to enjoy barbecue in New Orleans. Bring your appetite and loosen those belts, as there’s no such thing as a small plate of food at any of these joints!

Brisket sandwich with a side of cane vinegar slow-cooked greens, McClure’s Barbecue on Magazine Street, Photo by Paul Broussard

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    If you’re in the Crescent City and have a hankering for barbecue, here’s a decent looking list. -Monk
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